Industry News would you assess the contributions of hydroponic farming as compared to how Ecotone Renewables is improving farming? It seems like both are achieving the same goals but with different approaches.  Dlyan Lew: Hydroponic farming is a very different conversation. What we do at Ecotone through our Soil Sauce supports regenerative agriculture which focuses on […] You mentioned data collection being part of what your devices will allow as they are utilized. What type of data and how is the data used? Narayan Iyer: Data about the device performance and diagnostics. But from an impact and monetizing standpoint, we plan on having and/or powering environmental sensors: salinity, temperature, water content, Tixologi seems to have positioned itself heavily as small business friendly by targeting independent event producers and small event venues. How does this focus influence or guide your footprint growth plan for the company? Asher Weiss: What a lot of people don’t realize is that the ticketing industry is much bigger than just the major Player location data in basketball and other team sports has become a very powerful predictive component the last few years through the use of advanced machine learning algorithms. Is there a hierarchy of additional data sets such as player possession, that are ranked in helping these algorithms become even more accurate? Simon Gerszberg: Player You mentioned that sketching was how you captured your ideas for Alert Innovation and conveyed those ideas to your co-founder. Can you elaborate more on this collaboration process when you were both building Alert Innovation? Bill Fosnight: John Lert had done a nice job sketching system level ideas he conceived using two-dimensional tools like

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