Featured Expert: Dylan Lew

How would you assess the contributions of hydroponic farming as compared to how Ecotone Renewables is improving farming? It seems like both are achieving the same goals but with different approaches.

Dlyan Lew: Hydroponic farming is a very different conversation. What we do at Ecotone through our Soil Sauce supports regenerative agriculture which focuses on soil health and crop nutrition.

With climate change as a constant variable impacting most agricultural improvements,  product innovation will be key for businesses like Ecotone Renewables. Any thoughts on how this reality might influence Ecotone’s product roadmap?

Dylan Lew: Our products are focused on helping our customers become more resilient to climate change. Our products help solve the climate crises and are naturally adaptive and modular.

Let’s imagine you conquered all food waste and crop yield problems with Ecotone…what other world problems would you consider taking on next as an entrepreneur?

Dylan Lew: Food waste is very much our focus and I’d love to live and see the day where there is no food waste but that isn’t realistic. Other materials of interest for us include plastics and other waste to value opportunities.


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