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Shaping theEconomy of Tomorrow

Fact: not all MBA students go to business school in pursuit of formulaic Fortune 500 jobs. Many crave the dynamic world of entrepreneurial startups, looking to learn from the risk-takers and big-thinkers who will shape the economy of tomorrow. Offering wide-ranging learning experiences and promising career opportunities, small but fast-growing businesses are a vital part of the corporate value chain and strongly appeal to curious students.

TalentMBA provides a matchmaking connection between entrepreneurs in search of highly competent interns and first-year MBA students. We aim to be the premier resource for students seeking ground-floor opportunities and exposure to dynamic career paths, using time-tested placement methodologies to match specific employer needs with candidates whose talents are a complementary fit.

As career services professionals, you recognize that the competition for recruiting top MBAs escalates annually, with Fortune 1000 companies engaging MBAs early and often for summer internships. This leaves the underserved and resource-starved startup community at a disadvantage, craving MBA talent but without a cost-effective, efficient means to find the right individuals. TalentMBA exists to bridge this gap, uniting business-minded, entrepreneurial students with appropriate opportunities in a dynamic landscape that breeds future success.

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The Future ofMBA Employment

Business LAunch
$100B+ in late-stage capital investment was injected in startups in 2020 -- in 6 months!
2021 investments will easily surpass 2020, setting new records for startup capital.
Startups require diverse skill sets and continual innovation, providing a masterclass in business building to motivated students.
Rapid expansion of CVC (corporate venture capital) in startup funding indicates that future business leaders will be groomed in the startup world.
remote work
Remote working models are part of the new norm, relying on digital collaboration, individual initiative, and emerging technologies, all of which are inherent in startups.

What Your Students GetFrom TalentMBA

Pedro was an absolute treasure during my MBA journey. He played a pivotal role in my quest to break into the consulting world. My meetings with Pedro were eagerly anticipated because I knew he consistently delivered an exceptional level of service and knowledge. Looking back, the roots of my success extend deep into the guidance provided by Pedro. He is not only top-notch in his field but also genuinely cares about your success both professionally and personally.”

Kristen Dozier-Williams | Strategy & Ops, League One Volleyball and former Strategy Manager, KPMG
International MBA: University of South Carolina

  • Authentic and rewarding business creation experiences that translate classroom learning into meaningful, real-world readiness
  • Professional roles that differentiate candidates from other job seekers after graduation
  • Opportunities to get in on the ground floor with fast-moving, aspirational employers
  • Connections to a network of visionaries, disruptors, and entrepreneurs who are shaping the economy of tomorrow
  • Exposure to emerging technologies, philosophies, and innovations before they become mainstream
  • Amazing learning experiences for students seeking an entrepreneurial career path
  • Professional feedback from TalentMBA experts on interview performance (for internship finalists)
  • Access to the TalentMBA alumni network (coming soon)

HowTalentMBA Works

Signing up for the TalentMBA service is super simple and absolutely free.

  1. Student completes a Pre-Registration Form to enter our database.
  2. Student completes a full Student Profile to be eligible for internship openings.
  3. Upon completion of the Student Profile, TalentMBA staff will include student in all future engagement orders received from clients.
  4. When student credentials are submitted to an employer for consideration, they will be notified.
  5. Our clients choose three candidates for final interviews and decide which one gets an internship offer.
  6. Employers never search our database and do not have access to student information unless we provide it to them.

TalentMBA strives to partner with trusted service providers that support MBA career services and professional development. 

We also include participation in respected MBA career fairs as hosted by ROMBA and the National Black MBA Association.

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