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Welcome to TalentMBA! Our goal is simple: we connect entrepreneurially-focused MBA students with fast-growing businesses that need an infusion of top talent. Our business is singularly focused on one thing: finding internships for MBA students. We’ll expose you to multi-layered educational/work opportunities with dynamic employers who are in need of your specific skill set. 

If you’ve tried searching for meaningful internships on your own — endlessly combing through online postings and wandering job fairs — you know how challenging the process can be! Stressful hours of research, applications, and interviews usually lead to frustration, especially with the glut of stiff competition. 

While TalentMBA cannot guarantee that you will be in the running for specific internship engagements, we will maximize your chances to get noticed by employers who can decide if your skills and goals are a match for their needs. Our extensive experience in professional talent management allows us to bring harmony and simplicity, not hassle, to the search process.

Our client base of startups, entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized businesses, and VC firms offer demanding environments and upside potential for go-getters and risk takers who are up for a challenge. If sitting in a cozy chair with a Fortune 500 is the career path you envision (and there’s nothing wrong with that), we are likely not the right place for you. We want amazing MBA students who are in search of fast-moving, constantly changing, task-juggling, learn-on-the-fly, real-world learning experiences! There is no better environment for personal and professional growth than working in an aspirational small business, and we want to put you in the game.

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The Amazing Potentialof Startups

Business LAunch
800,000+ new businesses are created every year in the US
Unicorns, though rare, usually hit $1B within 7 years of creation
VCs backed over 10,000 US companies in 2020
New Hires
VCs invested $548B and employed 4.4 million employees in 2020
Healthcare and Fintech markets are ready to explode in coming years

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“Pedro has played an integral part in my career progression by presenting me with truly amazing opportunities. He is genuinely interested in maintaining and growing the relationships he establishes and helps those around him grow and succeed in their careers. He is a super-connector who leverages his vast professional network and knowledge of industries to give guidance and get your foot in the door!”
Chris Kowalski | Business Strategy Consultant, Accenture | MBA: Wake Forest University
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