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-Consultations available for clients seeking MBA interns for spring or summer 2024-

Most entrepreneurial employers have neither the time nor resources to confidently search for, interview and hire intern-level workers. TalentMBA exists to make the intern hiring process a snap. We help startups, entrepreneurs, VC firms and fast-growing businesses find and hire high-potential MBA students who can provide a meaningful boost to your bottom line. Employing professional recruitment methodologies, we source, review and present a shortlist of candidates who match your specific criteria and culture, ensuring an efficient, cost-effective and tailored hiring process.

The MBA student population we represent are go-getters and creative thinkers who WANT to be contributors to fast-growing businesses. Our students seek meaningful experiences with the innovators, disruptors, and creators who are building the economy of tomorrow.

Plan for the spring 2024 recruitment season. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

MBA Interns: Skills that Pay Dividends
Tools That Translate to Success
  • 4 years average work experience
  • Direct market knowledge of industries and key business functions
  • Savvy users of digital work tools for optimal productivity
  • High-level classroom learning translates to real-world implementation
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Time & Bottom Line Benefits
  • 50% faster hiring process than the standard corporate cycle (3 weeks vs 6 weeks)

  • 85% reduction in hiring costs compared to professional consultants with similar skill sets (@ $150/hour)

The TalentMBAEngagement Process



Client submits a job opening with role- and needs-specific criteria to TalentMBA.


TalentMBA schedules a meeting and performs a needs/goals assessment with the Client to determine ideal characteristics for internship candidates.


TalentMBA performs a critical review of the talent pool and presents six uniquely qualified candidates to the client.


Client reviews candidate bios and interview assessments conducted by TalentMBA and narrows the list to their three top choices.


Client conducts interviews and hires the best fit.

High-Level Benefitsfor Employers

Just three weeks to hire a perfect match for your business needs! Please contact us to schedule a meeting and/or submit a position:​


Why is your talent pool exclusively on MBA students?

  • MBAs are driven young professionals who are about to enter their prime working years. Companies that can harness their potential, technical knowledge and boundless energy stand to benefit, now and in the future.
  • MBAs have proven work experience, typically working in professional environments for four years prior to starting their MBAs.
  • MBAs add immediate value through their ability to execute high-level tasks, provide critical thinking skills, and have an eye for potential improvements and innovation.

How is TalentMBA compensated?

Clients submitting positions for an internship search engagement will pay a flat-fee retainer for each position filled, lasting the duration of the internship. There is an additional fee for TalentMBA interns who are hired as a full-time employee.

Must interns be compensated?

We work with clients that provide a stipend with an internship. Marketplace stipend data will be shared with our clients to make their internship as attractive as possible for the best internship candidates.

“Working with TalentMBA has been an absolute pleasure. Finding diverse talent from top business schools like Columbia, Michigan, NYU, and others is incredibly difficult. Pedro made the process easy as we hired 9 research analysts. We would certainly use TalentMBA again for our recruitment needs.” 

Jake G. Prigoff, M.D.| Partner| Gaingels

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